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Beautiful Morning (January 7)

Even at 20 degrees. Game on!




Frozen Windshield (January 8)

Well, I needed de-icing on the way to work this morning. Clear and dry when I left home.




Ride Home (January 20)

Upon Upe’s advice , I took the long scenic way home today.




Happy Friday (January 29)

Little chilly but incredible view.




Sleeping on the Ground (February 20)

I’ve been helping with the Trail to First Class (youngest ones). We are celebrating surviving the frigid temps of last week.




Lunch Run (March 6)

Kim and I rode to Galvans in Turkey. It was cool but not much wind. The restaurant was busy with locals I think. There was an older couple came in after us that told us that we had passed them on the Highway. I told him that Kim was spurring me. We rode to Northfield after lunch. The pavement has been completely redone for a 10-12 mile stretch, you can pick your speed. Then through MCAdoo on the way home. 250 mile round trip.




Sunday Ride (March 15)

Although it was only the long way home from work yesterday, I saw something I have never seen before, White River (brown at the moment).





Hill Country (March 28)

I’m coming back next month but needed a break. Couple guys from high school and me in the hill country. The winter has hurt a lot of trees, cactus and grass land in a lot of areas. There are some blue bonnets but not much south of I-10. Lots of HD traffic.





Geezers and Scalawags (April 17)

Lies and More Lies

(To be continued)