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April 16th – April 18th, 2021

Headquarters: Legends Inn –

Junction, Tex.

Reservations: (325) 446-8644

Tour the beautiful Hill Country of Texas with the vaunted and colorful (albeit somewhat long-in-tooth) Geezers and Scalawags motorcycle group (a somewhat elderly off-shoot of the illustrious DustBowl Beemers Motorcycle Club of Lubbock. But, let’s face it most of us are elderly nowadays). Follow G & S through the undulating hills on the “Twisted Sisters” (Ranch Roads 335, 336, 337) around Camp Wood, Leakey, Vanderpool, and Medina. Go with G & S to rugged downtown Lukenbach. Or create your own tour! Help Geezers pick up their bikes at some of the stops! Three days of glorious fun and riding; three nights of partying after the day’s riding! A limited number of commemorative caps will also be available for sale.

For those of you in Lubbock and the surrounding area, some of us will leave from the Stripes Convenience Store on U.S. 84 @ MLK on Thurs, April 15th at 9:00 AM. Arrive in Junction at 1:30 or so, eat some BBQ (@ Lum’s BBQ, just down Main St), throw some of your stuff in the room, and head out for an exciting ride, or grab an adult beverage and sit and visit. Most of us will return on Sunday, April 18th. All makes of bikes are welcome.