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Mighty Mississippi River
Christopher Ross, June 27, 2020


On Saturday I rode down the Mississippi River.

This Iron Butt Association challenge is called the Mighty Mississippi River Gold. It is just over 1,500 miles from the Headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca State Park, Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico at Venice, Louisiana, south of New Orleans. Officially my 40th Iron Butt certificate ride, this was an awesome ride!


  • 1,509 miles
  • Total time 19 hrs 11 min
  • Moving time 18 hrs 23 min
  • Overall average 82 mph
  • Moving average 79 mphMightyMississippiHeadwaters of the Mississippi River, on Friday

Pretty small river to begin with

3:30 AM start on Saturday morning

Arrived at the Venice Inn Saturday at 10:55 PM. Sunday morning I rode to the very end of the road.

Christopher Ross