I left Lubbock at 10:00 Thurs morn and made my way to Monahans to meet Jim Compton (from Midland) at the DQ.  After lunch we made our way down 1776 to US 67 and on to Alpine.  Not much wind but a whole lot of truck traffic.  There is a 2-3 mile stretch just N of Monahans that is under construction and one way traffic.  292 miles by my odo to the Highland Inn.  (There was a wreath on the door when we checked in.  Sam’s mother had died a couple of days before.) The rest of the afternoon was taken up by gassing up and buying supplies for the couple of days we were going to be there.

The next morning we headed down 118 to Study Butte; nice semi-clouded sky and not much wind.  We slowed down at Paul and Voni’s but didn’t see and signs of activity (or the new BMW 310s) so went on.  We rode Tx 170 over to Presidio at a sedate pace.  Jim is still adjusting to the 2015 RT1200 he bought in Ft Worth a couple of weeks ago.  At our stop at the Tepees (roadside park next to the Rio Grande) we met with a couple from Florida on a Harley trike that we visited with a little.  We stopped at the Exxon in Presidio for a drink and a snack and a sit in the shade.

We hit the road to Marfa.  We didn’t see a lot of activity in Shafter.  In fact we didn’t see any (and it was a work day).  I think the re-opening of the mines is on hold.  At the DQ in Marfa we decided, over lunch, to head back to Alpine and maybe take a nap (shrug, one of us is officially an old guy, if not a Geezer.  I’m not saying which).  After not much going on around the fire pit Thurs night, the fire pit was very active on Fri night.  We talked with a guy from Michigan who just barely escaped more snow, some guys from Odessa, and a couple from Alamogordo NM.  It was a good thing we napped in the afternoon, because with all the conversations, we didn’t get to bed until late.  The next morning, after a quick breakfast at Mickey Ds, we headed for Ft Davis on the way home (we wanted come back on Sat because of uncertainty with the weather).  At Wild Rose Pass (north of Ft Davis), I discovered I had left my Camelback at the motel and decided to go back and get it.  Jim went on and by the time I retrieved the Camelback and headed out again it was 11:00 AM.  The wind between Alpine and Monahans was rather strong out off the northwest and rather gusty.  At Monahans the wind calmed to just a breeze and not bad at all.  At Brownfield, the wind picked up at little.

No pictures, I didn’t take a one.  But it was a good trip. It was good to get out of town for a while.  And there was actually water in the ponds and creeks.  They have had a  wetter winter than we have.

We noticed a new tactic by some drivers (trucks and cars).  Some will pass when we are right in front of them.  I had to hit the shoulder once on the way down and Jim had to twice just between Saragosa and Pecos on the way back.  I think the attitude is that we can just move over and get out of their way.  So watch out for the additional crazies.