Saturday Ride Report (abridged):

Mike Brown – K1300GT.
Christopher & Mikki Ross – R1200RS.

Rode right through a large grass fire east of Cone.
Scenic 698 from South Plains to Kitty-Quay.
Ate a good lunch at Galvan’s in Turkey.
Northfield Roads (656 & 94).
Back way out of Paducah (1038 & 1168).
Dumont and Afton curves.
Almost ran the RS dry, making a detour to Matador necessary.
McAdoo curves. Caught 40 south of Ralls.
Yellow House Canyon via Robertson and Midway.



385 miles today. High temp of 75 degrees. Some wind, but not too bad.
207 north of Floydada is not great.
Galvan’s is no longer open on Sundays.
94 south of Northfield was repaved several years ago, and is fantastic.

It was a great day!